Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stitching on the Weekend

    I was a co-hostess at our monthly meeting of the DAR yesterday. We met in the Genealogy Room at the library to learn about the resources available there. I enjoy our meetings, but looked forward to an afternoon of sewing in my studio. Just me, my stash, and my sewing machine. Can you think of anything better on a Saturday afternoon? Don't think so. :)

   I've begun working on a mini paper-pieced Square in a Square quilt. I've made one before and it lives as a table topper in the entryway from the laundry room. It has been admired by visitors to the studio and the new one will be a gift for one of them. Can't name the recipient just yet. I will share a picture of the first tiny 2" blocks though.

  These are the results of Kayla's and my Tuesday Sew Night this week. The 9 little blocks at the top are my mini Square in a Square blocks (2 1/2" here) since not sewn together yet. The blocks in the bottom row are Kayla's Lucy Boston blocks and partial blocks...

 Here is a closeup of the one she finished that night...

Another recent finish...

    Aren't they gorgeous? She has quite a stack of them made. I love studying them. I swear I always think the one I'm looking at is the best, until I see the next one. She is using wonderful fabric combinations in each block.

    In my last post I mentioned Mom's Amish quilt that I had added the binding to. After charging the battery for my camera, I took a picture of it hanging on the wall outside the studio.

   The colors aren't exactly right in this picture. The sky is light rosy pink, med. rosy pink, light blue, and medium blue. The house is beige with a honey brown roof. Not sure what happened here, but some colors appear to be yellow. I also want to mention that, if you've noticed the bottom left corner of all my pictures taken of items on my design wall are dark looking, there's a reason. When I planned on the location of my design wall, I chose the space between the windows on the west facing wall. I didn't want direct sunlight shining on anything left up long-term on it. What I didn't think about was the space at the end of my cutting table (the only good space to photograph the design wall) being in the shadow of the lighting system. I cannot take a picture without my own shadow showing up!!! It's very frustrating. I'm trying to come up with a solution. My best idea is installing a track light above the design wall aimed at the design wall to use only when photographing. What do you think? Any ideas out there?

   As soon as I got home from the DAR meeting, I changed into comfy clothes and slippers and headed to the studio. I had fun raiding my stash looking for fabrics to add to my mini project. I cut lots of 2" wide WOF strips in medium and dark blues, reds, browns,golds, madders, and shirtings to add to the pile I'd been drawing form. Paper-piecing does waste some fabric, but it's so accurate, I think it's worth it. With 2" wide strips, I can cut any of the pieces needed for these blocks with as little waste as possible. After admiring the newly refreshed pile of strips, I began sewing in earnest. Randy ran  cables above the ceiling and down a post for me to have my 19" flatscreen TV on my cutting table. I bought an oak Lazy Susan to sit it on. I can swivel it to watch while I'm cutting fabric, or while I'm at my computer, or the opposite direction and face me while I'm sewing on my Bernina. I watched 4 movies, Fons and Porter, This Old House, and Vikings (recorded) all while cutting and sewing Saturday afternoon. By the end of the day (9 PM) Saturday, I had sewn an additional 16 blocks of my mini SQ in a SQ. I only stopped because Randy requested a haircut that he's put off for two weeks. He arrived home sometime during my sewing bliss, but I couldn't tell you when! lol. Yes, I'm his barber. It's gotten easier over the years as he's gotten balder, so it doesn't take long. He usually procrastinates weeks past needing it cut, because he only wants it done on the weekend and only before bedtime. So if we have a busy weekend it gets put off. I can quicken the time table if I tell him he's starting to resemble Bozo the clown. He doesn't have much hair but it's naturally curly, so it gets bushy when it gets too long, and also harder to cut. That (gentle?) comparison to Bozo gets him to cooperate every time. My little bit of evil genius. :)

  Today, Randy was well-groomed for Sunday service. After church, lunch, and a little together time watching a couple of our favorite TV shows we had recorded, I was back at play in my studio. I love sewing on the weekends, don't you?

Keep stitching!


  1. I think paper piecing is the only way to go when making those pesky square in a square blocks. I love how they look in my quilts, but I don't enjoy making them! Your weekend sewing sounds lovely!

  2. Sounds like a great sewing week end. Love seeing all those blocks especially the Lucy Boston .

  3. nice blocks....and another DAR sister who quilts!

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