Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ditsy for Doll Quilts!

    Boy, it has been a long time. We have been having spotty internet for months. When I planned on posting, I couldn't get on. When I could get on, I had too little time to post. So annoying. Finally our Hotspot died altogether and it took a week for Randy to decide on our next service provider; then another week till Mediacom could install it for us. I have more bars than ever and it is so much faster too. Win. Win.

   I participated in Lori at Humble Quilts blog doll quilt swap for the third year. I was thrilled to come home from work one day recently and find a package on my front porch. 

 Inside the package...this is looking interesting.

   Oh, wow! A darling quilt and other gifts too!

  The quilt is perfect. She couldn't have picked any more perfect fabrics to suit my taste. Yummidy!
   And she used a vintage feed sack from Washington for the backing to personalize it even further.

   Thank you Laurie!!! I LOVE it. And thank you to Lori for hosting a wonderful swap. The name I received to make a doll quilt for was Kevin of Kevin the Quilter fame. I was more than a little nervous at making a quilt for a man quilter. From my experience I've found that male quilters are more precise and mathematical than women quilters I know, especially me! I chose to reproduce a c.1875 doll quilt from Ohio for Kevin. Let me tell you, I was very careful to use my best skills and create a quilt I was proud of for him. I made the reproduction as close to the original as I could and sent it off with my breath held. He liked it! Whew, I'm so glad.  ( 14" x 17 1/2")

  The original had a brown striped homespun in the center.  I chose a brown toile with a farm scene instead. I was able to match a lot of the other fabrics with repros I have in my stash.

  I've finished a couple other reproduction doll quilts lately. It takes the most time to try to match each piece in the original to fabrics I have. If I don't have the exact reproduction fabric; then I find one with same color, scale, and similar print. It's like a treasure hunt. You should hear me squeal when I find a match!

   This is a repro of a c.1870 9-Patch found in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I had to make it when I saw the main fabric was poison green. :) It is a petite 12 3/4" x 12 3/4".

  This next one caught my eye because of all the madder prints and ONE poison green triangle! I wondered why...  It's c.1875 from New England and is 12 1/2" x 14".

   I was thrilled to find I had the exact poison green repro in my stash. The original had a blue (?!) striped binding. I had a scrumptious madder stripe I thought would look better.

  Lastly, I finished the little Square in a Square doll quilt and will be gifting it soon. It finished at 11 3/4" x 11 3/4". I used a wonderful red and creamy yellow oriental toile for the backing. I can't show a picture of the back because the label would reveal the recipient.

  I went to the Kalona, Iowa Quilt Show and Sale yesterday. I took pictures of the antique quilts and will share next time. Thanks for stopping by. Keep Stitching!



  1. The quilt is beautiful, love how it looks like a vintage quilt and the feedback backing.


  2. What a delightful swap quilt you received! I'll bet you're glad you signed up for this, huh?

  3. I like the dark colors of the doll quilt you received and love the backing. The doll quilt you made is very special too. I do have a fondness for toile fabrics. So many wonderful little quilts in your post today. The Lancaster, Pa. piece is one I like very much because of the poison green.

  4. Such beautiful quilts here, both yours and the one you received! Your work is beautiful!

  5. great little quilts!
    i love your blog background and design too

  6. Oh what adorable doll quilts. This swap is always so much fun :)

  7. Love all these little quilts - the colours and fabrics make them very special! Nice to see the hand quilting too :)
    I agree with Barb - nice blog!

  8. Beautiful quilts! Thank you for all the pretty eye candy!