Sunday, August 21, 2016

Missing Garden Pictures as Promised!

   I was hoping for the clouds to return so I could take garden pictures without the glare. No luck, but at sunset I went out and took these.

  The first is my boulder garden that Randy has dubbed, Stone Henge, because we are getting a lot of sight seers since I installed it. : )  The boulders are bigger than they look in the photo. They are all about 3-4 feet across and 20-30" tall. It took a large dump truck of topsoil to backfill behind them to create the garden. The garden is about 24' from front to back and about 30-36' across. The trees are Dwarf Alberta Spruce and Birdsnest Blue Spruce. The flowers are hybrid Daylilies, Hardy Phlox, Lavendar, and Creeping Phlox.

   This is my favorite boulder which I named Snake Rock. It has a 4" wide groove snaking across the top. I have no idea what caused it, but I love the look of it. When I water or it rains, the water flows thru the groove and pours out the end between the boulders. Fun to watch! Hey, I'm easily entertained. : )

  These are of Mom's arbor and adjoining garden spaces.... There are pink Knockout Roses planted in the center of each stone wall, not blooming on this day of course!.

  There are 4 varieties of Clematis planted on the trellis fencing on each side of the patio. Next year we should have more privacy when they fill in.

  These are the new compost bin...

  This working side faces south. Perfect for composting. The lush greenery in the front is volunteer mini pumpkin and gourd vines. I never have to buy them to decorate with again! Last year I harvested 21 and the vines were a third this size. They have spread over nearly half of the Berm Garden. In fact, I've had to prune them. They are garden bullies.

  These are of my Berm Garden. The huge flat rock in the lower front is a bonus rock I got with my boulders. It is 8" thick and about 6' across. I have it extending out over the dry river bed, which during a rain is anything but dry.

  Plants are starting to mature on the berm. I added the stepping stones this year and a ton of new topsoil to mix in.

   Remember the Galvas? They are my tin family who live in the Berm Garden. Mom (Valentine) and Dad are seen here. They're started to feel a little crowded.
   Can you see Rusty Galva hanging out next to the green trellis? Typical teenager...he doesn't want to be seen with his parents. : )
 This is the waterfall end of the dry river. The tall native grasses hide the waterfall itself. We just had a heavy rain a few days ago that washed some of the river rock over the falls into the drainage ditch. Randy loves that of course. : 0

My trees are getting some size to them now too.

  That concludes the garden tour. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by! As always...Keep Stitchin' 


  1. Morning, such a beautiful yard and loved the garden tour, thanks so much.Blessings Francine.

  2. lovely garden photos and enjoyed your vacation post as well...gettysburg, antietam, harper's ferry are all close by for me so they are on my visit list when cooler weather arrives...thanks for the preview!

  3. YAY!!! Thanks so very much Becky!!! Wow!!! You're an as amazing gardener as you are a quilter!! GORGEOUS blooms...and I can only imagine what it will look like when some of those plants (like the clematis and roses) take hold.... Wowsers!! Love your Stone Henge...I, too, have lots of rocks in our landscaping... Something about them.... And the Galvas...Oh my heck...they're too funny (and fun name too!! Anything to do with "galvanized" by chance??) ;o) Wish I could take this tour in person....but you did a great job with the photos!! Thank you!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I just noticed a recent comment from a spammer! I hope none of you saw it before I was able to delete it. I'm sorry if you did. Why do they have to ruin a good thing for others?

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