Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm So Excited!

   This has been a very hectic week and I've not had time to blog...sorry! I decided I had to make time, because I'm still busy and need to live with it. I've had some exciting news I've been "sitting on." By a chance meeting with a nice lady at my presentation in Altoona, great good luck has fallen on me. This lady,Pat, said she had family ties to Mt. Pleasant and asked if I knew of the book, Love and Valor, by Charles F. Larimer. I said, "Oh, I love that book! I've wanted to design a new quilt pattern based on it and call it Love and Valor, but knew I needed to obtain permission from the author to do that. She said," Well, he's my cousin! I'll get you his address and send it to you." I was thrilled. I kept an eye on my mail each day thinking she'd be sending me a note. Good Friday, we had no school so I was home. When I got up and checked my emails, I was astonished to see one from Charles F. Larimer himself! Pat had spoken to him about my presentation and my wish of designing a quilt pattern based on his book. He said YES!!! I couldn't believe my good fortune. We emailed back and forth for the next couple of days and now, not only will there be a pattern, BUT he is also interested in our collaboration on a companion quilt book to the original Love and Valor. My feet have barely touched the ground all week. I've been rereading his book which is a compilation of the Civil War letters that were written between Capt. Jacob and Emeline Ritner, who were Mt. Pleasant, Iowa residents. There are also other family letters in the book. I will select letters that inspire me of quilt patterns and design quilts based on them. Charles has said he may have pictures of family quilts as well. That would be even better. I could  reproduce patterns of those family quilts too. It would take a long time before any book would be published, but all the work and research involved would be worth it. I feel blessed to even be given this opportunity.
   This is the cover of the book, Love and Valor. I recommend it to all who are interested in the Civil War or for those who enjoy reading others' diaries or letters. It's a very enjoyable and enlightening read.

   I'm getting ready to go to Inspirations, in Hills, Ia, where I'm giving my Civil War presentation at a benefit for the family of a quilter who recently lost her battle with cancer. She knew about the benefit before her death and was happy to hear that the presentation would be given by a para librarian, as she had been a librarian in the Cedar Rapids area schools for 35 years. My heart goes out to the family at this loss. I've been told that her daughter is here from Alaska and will attend the benefit today. I look forward to meeting her.
   My car is packed and I'm ready to go! Keep stitching.


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  1. Wow, what an honor! I am so happy for you. I can certainly understand why your feet haven't touched the floor! Isn't it amazing that something like this would fall right in your lap!!