Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow days! What's a Girl Gonna Do?!

   Well, this blizzard certainly wasn't expected! We were going to school a full day Friday; then off for Christmas vacation... at least that's the way it was on our schedule. Mother Nature had other plans. We had a blizzard on school...SNOW DAY! Today everyone is digging school...SNOW DAY! Well, of course, I did what any respectable quilter would do with unexpected free time. I quilted!  I also did laundry, made homemade chicken noodle soup, painted the family room, and cleaned a closet.

  I drafted a new pattern for a pieced tree block...

 Here are two more little quilts I made this week, ready to be quilted. I've already made and given two other away.

Here is a little quilt I made for Connie, the friend who cuts my hair...

The MPCSD librarians had a Christmas party last week. Here is Val holding her little quilt I made for the gift exchange...

    I have 2 Christmas quilts I made for my son and daughter years ago that I decorate with every year. The first is "Izzy's Snowmen" ( a 9-Patch and Snowball variation) made in memory of Elizabeth in 1993. I was working on the blocks and still collecting snowmen fabrics before she passed away, so she never got to see the finished quilt. She had a huge collection of snowmen, one of them is engraved on her headstone along with her likeness.

  The quilting...
The border...

Isaah's quilt, "A Tennessee Christmas" ( Tennessee Waltz pattern) was made in 1991 when he was 8 years old. It's sewn from assorted Christmas fabrics. He had a twin bed back then, so it's smaller than Izzy's. He still enjoys it now that he's 6' 4" and it doesn't cover him as well!
 The quilting...
The border...

   I'm putting up the family room Christmas tree this afternoon. Isaah is coming home tonight and if it's not up, he'll give me heck! Three trees upstairs won't be enough to appease "Mr. Tradition", you see. I'd better get moving. Keep stitching and Merry Christmas to you all!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Time Again!

   It's been a busy time in the Wright house lately. I've drawn and redrawn house plans, met with the builders, and seen & approved their professional version of my drawings. The best news is Randy has agreed to these plans and now we only have to sell our house to get started! Despite all the new house frenzy, I still have to get ready for Christmas too. I've been sewing/quilting Christmas gifts in spare moments. Here is the latest one before being quilted...

    It's a quilt I created about 18 years ago for a gift for my Mom. I borrowed it last week so I could make new ones. I didn't write the directions for this back then. It was before I had started my business, Orphans of War. The original was pieced from Christmas fabrics. All my Christmas fabrics are in storage now for the move! The new ones are being made in red and green Civil War prints.  I love the look.

   I'm not putting up my Christmas Village at home this year, because of showing the house. My son is unhappy with me for that. He loves tradition and I traditionally have a village every year! I think he'll forgive me. :0 I promised that next year I'd "go all out" with it in the new house. I did put up the village in the media center the Sunday after Thanksgiving so it would be there for the high school kids to see Monday morning.

   They love the tradition too! It's set in the 1950's complete with muscle cars, a woody station wagon, a black n white police car, a John Deere tractor, Yellow Taxi, and a red Ford pickup

   Then last weekend I went to Mom's and set up her village, an 1800's display like mine.

    Randy and Isaah put up her new 7 1/2' skinny tree that my sister bought for her while I "built" houses. I took pictures of her tree skirt I had made for her back in 1991. I made 2 for myself, but a few years ago, mice chewed  holes in mine and I had to discard them. I want to make new ones using hers as a pattern.

                            I made them from my imagination and inspiration from Jan Patek books.

  The timer is going off for my lasagne. I better stop and set the table for Randy. He'll be home anytime now and hungry! I hope you're all getting ready for your own Christmas and enjoy time with your families during this blessed time.  Keep stitching!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

What a Find!

   During show 'n' Tell at the November Breakfast Club at Inspirations quilt shop, look what a member shared. She got this c1850's quilt at a thrift store in the Iowa City area for $45!!! It is a real beauty with wonderful fabrics in very good condition. Of course, I had to have a close look and get some pictures. I tried my best to buy it from her, but she wants to hang on to it for awhile. Who can blame her?!

   OMG! Can you believe it? Isn't it gorgeous? The aqua fabric is an ombre print, oh, so beautiful. I get first chance at it if she decides to sell it. It would be a nice addition to my Civil War disply, don't you agree?

   Here is a picture of my latest news on our house building adventure...
   Our lot is officially ours now! We closed on it November 20th. That lovely slope will allow for the large egress windows in my quilt studio. We have house plans to approve this week. We are going to start showing our house to sell this week too.

   I want to thank all of you who entered my giveaway and shared such wonderful tips and ideas for my studio. I am going to incorporate all of them that I can! Thanks! Congratulations to Kathy from Missouri who won and I hope she got the package alright.

   I have more pictures to share, but it's already past my bedtime on a school night. I'll try to post again tomorrow evening. Till then, Keep Stitching!