Friday, July 26, 2013

We have a House!

   After months of planning, designing, and waiting, our house is here! After only 3 1/2 hours of sleep (I spoke at the EIHQ guild on Monday), I arose at 5 Am Tuesday, July 23, and was at my lot at 6:45 AM. My house was sitting on two flatbed trucks waiting for me.

  A 70 ton crane was standing by to transfer the house halves onto the foundation. A small group of family and friends were on hand to watch.

It seemed to take forever, but they finally started to set the first half...

The swinging it into position was scary to watch!

   The first half was lowered with precision on the first try! The crane operator is a master at his craft. That's Kayla, taking time off work to share the experience with me. Such a good friend!

 The front half was soon to follow...

Then the roof was lifted and secured...

    By 10 AM, we were given a tour! I was the first one in, but here is my long-time friend, Michele Genck, getting a hand in by our builder, Dwayne Liechty. We came in the back door because it was only 4 feet off the ground, lower than the front. We need some serious grading done.

    I was given the keys. Don't I look thrilled? I'm standing in the kitchen in front of what will be the basement stairway.

    I'll share a few of the room pictures, but keep in mind, it's not finished and full of construction debris. It still looks like "Home, sweet home", to me though!

  A step in from the front door..
   Another step and a view thru the archway into the kitchen...
 My appliances in boxes, darn!
 And my kitchen! :)

 I love my laundry room too! I have a deep laundry sink. I'll probably use for potting plants and dyeing fabric!

   Dwayne misunderstood me and stepped right in front of the washer dryer area I was trying to photograph...

  Living room. Guess what goes on this wall! My mantel! It will nearly fill the angled wall.

   And a few of the master bedroom...

And master bath...
 2nd bathroom...
 Mom's room...

  My pantry is big enough for company, Michele. and my boss and good friend, Angie Brauns proved this to me.

  This horrible picture is the only one I took of the house. It was afternoon and I was facing the sun, sorry! I'll definitely be taking a better one soon. The missing siding in front is where the garage will be and there will be a front porch soon too.

  To conclude, I'll share a few photos from my Marion, Iowa trip. Here are the ladies from my workshop for "Hardtack and Coffee"...

 Their finished blocks all shown together...
   My display at the American Legion Hall in Marion where I spoke at 9 AM and 7 PM to the EIHQ Guild. The workshop was from 1 to 4 PM. What a fantastic guild they have there. Lots of talented quilters and such fun to be around. They have lots of charitable activities they participate in.

   Thanks for stopping by and taking the tour of my home. As more gets done and building debris removed, I'll take more photos to keep you updated. Until then, keep stitching!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Waiting and waiting, and waiting...

   Randy and I went to early church service in Mt. Pleasant Sunday. On the way through Burlington we saw the once a month Pigeon Show was going on. It's a flea market one Sunday morning a month from 6AM to noon. You can buy pigeons there, but also just about anything else as well. There are all kinds of birds, rabbits, goats, and puppies, but it's the "anything else" we're after! It costs only $2 per car to enter the SCC campus to peruse the wares. It's usually dusty, crowded, and HOT, but who cares when there are bargains to find?!

   We stopped on the way home after church. Randy found nothing to interest him. :(  I on the other hand, hit the jackpot! :) I love anything old with drawers, shelves, or cubbyholes, and wooden boxes of all sizes. I love to stack them and store my sewing tools, etc. in them. Here are my new treasures that will find a home in my quilt studio.

 I hate orange, but this chipped, painted stack of drawers grabbed my heart. Randy even liked it, a real surprise! It's about 60" tall by 12" wide and 9" deep.

   I will rub a Formby's dark stain into the wood to help tone down the yucky orange. It has some drawers with dividers, and some of those are made using galvanize. I also LOVE anything galvanized.
  I was told it came out of an old garage. I told them it was going to a loving home in my quilt studio. I don't think they cared as long as I had cash.
   Another favorite thing is old card catalog drawers. (I have a few...heehee.) Here's the newest addition with a sweet wooden box resting on top and a vintage package of dye. Randy agreed to hold them if I promised to crop him out of the photo. :)
 I found this darling doll dresser to go with my doll quilt collection and some other vintage doll furniture I've picked up along the way.

Oh, and on Saturday, I visited the Preservation Station again to visit my mantel. Yep, I'm still in love with it! Here it is in case you forgot what it looked like...
   Only seven days till my house comes! I'm going a little crazy waiting. Ok, crazier than normal. To kill a little time, I'm getting a colonoscopy on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be fun too...drinking the ick and spending lots of quality time in the bathroom. :(  I want to go home, to my home. Sorry, now I'm just whining. Hope you have more fun the next couple of days than me. That shouldn't be hard to do, even a root canal would be more fun!

Keep stitching!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


  We've been at Mom's 6 weeks already. It will probably be another 6 weeks till we move in our house. There have been a couple of glitches and we're behind by 2 weeks. The basement is finished though, so I see light at the end of the tunnel! The modular comes on July 23rd at 7AM and will be set with a massive crane by noon. I'll get to do a walkthru then. Randy will be on RAGBRAI that week so he'll miss seeing it set. I wouldn't miss it for the world. In the meantime there are lots of details to iron out and decisions to be made. It's taking will power for me not to drive to Nappanee, IN to see my house, sitting there finished, and waiting to be my home!

   Here are some photos of our basement (exciting NOT, I know, but bear with me please!) See my nice big 4' by 4' egress windows. That's my quilt studio in its infancy.

Here they are from the outside. (OK, so they are really only holes in the wall at this stage, but they will have big beautiful windows in them soon!) And I'll be inside quilting!

Here are 2 of the cement crew thru my studio window. The one squatting gave me grief for taking his picture. I told him that anyone wearing a 4" long BRAIDED goutee had to expect to have his picture taken.

   Back in November when we bought the lot, I told people we'd be sitting on our front porch watching the fireworks this year. Randy couldn't believe I insisted on driving 50 miles to sit in lawn chairs on a pile of dirt next to the basement to watch fireworks. I told him it would be a good memory someday! The bugs only ate us a little. :)
 I've had 3 speaking engagements in the past month. I got home last night from Montezuma, Iowa, where I presented to the Montezuma Piecemakers Quilt Guild. I think they enjoyed it and I know I did! I spent the night in the lovely home of Barb and Gene Long.  Her quilt studio was the first room I saw. It's 28' x 30'!

   Another view. She puts the pool table to good use as you can see. She had the President's Wives blocks laid out on it.

    She is a longarm quilter...

    I had a beautiful guest suite all to myself...

   Their children are all grown and have families....except for Lucy...

                                           She was adorable and I contemplated kidnapping her. :)

  I stopped at the quilt shop in Montezuma before I left town. I'm so glad I did. The ladies there are so friendly and their shop is large and well-stocked. I should have taken pictures. :(   I'm happy to say that they are now selling my Orphans of War patterns at Three Sisters. Stop in and check out their shop!

  I'm making 2-3 trips to Mt. Pleasant every week to be involved with the house building and run errands. I still have a lot of time on my hands. I've been doing some painting at Mom's to get her house ready to sell. It's not easy for her to leave her home, church,  family & friends, but I think she'll be happy with us. She'll make new friends, have a new room to decorate, a new church family, and of course, Randy and me to put up with! she'll be fine.

  Still not sewing or quilting, but busy and making progress! Keep stitching!