Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Home, Sweet, Home!

   I hope my Followers are still checking in from time to time. I haven't left this universe (though I have heard that complaint from a friend). This building and moving process has been a long one. We are in our home, but not completely. About 70% of our possessions are still in the huge pricey storage unit, but we're working on it. As I write this, outside my kitchen window, I can see the carpenters busy building our garage. We can't drive on our driveway till Thursday though. The carpet layer is here finishing the master bedroom carpeting today. He took a 2 week break to deal with heart problems he was having. He only has the tile for the fireplace to do after this. Looking out the living room windows and the ones to the east and west, I can see huge piles of black soil waiting to be spread over this %$#@*& red clay we have for a yard. We hope to have grass seed sown before cold weather and grass actually growing. I may be dreaming though. At any rate, I have trees and pots and pots of my hostas and perennials to plant that have been kept at a friend's home all summer. I know they want to come home whether there is grass or not.

   Lots of progress being made here. There is a lot of unpacking to be done yet, but it feels like home,sweet, home to me. They built it just like I designed it, even though they questioned some of my ideas. I had "walked through it in my mind" for so long, it felt like I was home the moment I walked into it for real. I won every argument with the builders, because I knew how I planned to use every square foot of this house and have had 2 decades of dreaming about it to perfect the plan. They couldn't believe I wanted a master closet bigger than the master bathroom...DUH. Why is the "sewing room" going to be bigger than the family room AND have the big egress windows?...DUH. Do you really want a big pantry?...DUH. Do you need to have a coat closet in the laundry room (even if it is next to the garage entryway)...DUH. That's just a sampling of how they doubted my design. Now that it's mostly done, they are complimentary of my design and are showing it to prospective customers. I keep telling them I should get a cut if they sell more houses based on my plan. So far I haven't seen any checks coming my way.

   I've taken pictures all along the way, but haven't uploaded and edited them on my computer yet. I'll try to post some soon and get back to regularly posting again. I still haven't done any quilting or sewing since April, BUT we found my Bernina in the storage unit and brought it home this weekend! I'll have to set up a temporary sewing station downstairs till we can finish my quilt studio. As soon as they get the roof on the garage, I'll be bringing my mantel home from Preservation Station. It will be kept in the garage while I refinish it. I love the way it looks with the old dark oak finish, but decided if I was ever going to refinish it, it would be now before it's installed in the living room. The installer is coming Thursday to put up all the window treatments. A little more privacy might be nice.

  Thanks for being patient with me and my long absence. I promise to be more faithful. Until the next time, and since I can't,...keep stitching!