Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Sayin' "Bye,bye" to Winter Weather!

   I have been looking forward to a speaking engagement in Naples, Florida for almost 2 years now. The time has finally arrived. I'm flying down Wednesday morning for a 5 day stay with the Naples Quilter's Guild. I'm speaking Thursday evening and teaching classes on Friday and Saturday. My friend, Michelle, is going along for a mini vacation. She's not a quilter, but she has helped me at several of my engagements and is excited to go to Florida and leave the snowy midwest behind.

  Preparing for this trip was quite different than usual. Since I'm flying, I had to ship most of my display ahead of time and am still packing 2 suitcases of display items to take. I was very nervous about shipping my quilts, but I hear the boxes all arrived safely. Hopefully the return shipping goes smoothly too. You hear horror stories every once in awhile about lost quilts.  The feature quilt for my presentation, the Christian Staffinger quilt, is safely packed into my carry-on bag. I don't let it out of my sight. I'd never be able to find another quilt made by a Civil War soldier to replace it if lost or stolen. I can't even think about that!

   Anyway, I'm all packed, shipped, and ready to go. Michelle is coming to spend the night tomorrow night and Isaah is coming home to take us to the Cedar Rapids Airport early Wednesday morning for our flight. We'll have about half a day to enjoy when we get there and most of the day Thursday. The guild has plans to take me to see the sights (which, I hope includes a quilt shop) and out to eat before my presentation. I've never been to Florida, so this will be a treat, especially this winter.

Trying to decide what display items to take was tough... 

                                     My costume and Christian Staffinger family pictures all had to fit in this suitcase...
                                  The mid-size suitcase is the only one with my personal items in it...

    We got another batch of bad weather early this morning. It was freezing rain till 11AM followed by 2" of snow. We had a snow day from school! I didn't mind that one bit. I packaged 28 charm packs to replenish all I had packed to take to Florida. Since I was all finished packing,  I was able to spend the day sewing. I made 9 Courthouse Steps blocks.  I'm using scraps from cutting all those Civil War charms.

  I think I have enough time before bed to sew a couple more. I'll post about my Naples adventure when I get back next Sunday. I hope you get to escape winter too, but if you can't, keep stitching.