Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gettysburg, Here We Come!

  Randy and I left early on Saturday, June 28th, picked up our friends, Jeff and Michelle, in Illinois and were on our way. We made it as far as Zanesville, Ohio the first evening. We were determined to get to Gettysburg by Sunday evening.Once we got into Pennsylvania, we visited the Flight 93 Memorial. The memorial is still under construction, but what is there is very impressive and a sad remembrance of those on board who died fighting the terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Through this gate you can see the path to the crash site.

These are the ones lost on Flight 93. As is befitting, not one name of any terrorist on board is mentioned anywhere at the memorial.

This path leads to the crash site, but is reserved for surviving family members only.

This long marble wall is engraved with the names of those on board. The crowd was instinctively quiet at the memorial out of respect for the sacrifice these souls made.

   We left in a somber mood and shared memories of 9/11 as we left the quiet hills behind.

   It was with great excitement that we arrived at Gettysburg National exactly the time the Visitor's Center CLOSED!!! The Park Ranger was very courteous however, and gave us a quick, but informative introduction to the battlefield.

 I was almost giddy with anticipation of the sights I'd see the next day. We took a few photos of the monuments at the entrance before finding our hotel for the night. I was totally enamored with the carpet at the hotel in the lobby and hallways. It had the Union Seal and medallions of crossed rifles on a field of stars. I envisioned it in my living room. I'm glad I asked Randy to take this picture, because it's only one of five of me on the whole trip and it's not terrible. At least it's better than the pictures of me each year on Christmas morning with sleepy eyes and bedhead hair in my pajamas. Randy never seems to remember to take pictures of me. I tease him that, at my funeral, he won't have any pictures of me to show I lived at all, because I FORBID him to use those awful once a year Christmas pictures. :)

  Did I look casual? The purpose of the picture was to see the carpet, but I was embarrassed to have other guests see me taking a picture specifically of the carpet. I mean, really, who does that?!

  Ok, I'll humble myself here and show the picture he took of me at the Pennsylvania's Visitor's Center. After taking a nice picture of him petting the black bear, he returned the favor, but told me to look scared. Not hard, because, I'm always convinced a bear will attack me when we're in the Smokie Mountains. Here's the beauty that he took and, NO, it can't be at my funeral either!

   I did enjoy myself at Gettysburg, even though, I have no pictures of me there to prove it. I'll share the rest of the story on my next post. I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up to go to a Civil War presentation. I'm not the speaker. It's at the Dover Museum in New London, Iowa, and the topic is: The Civil War from a Woman's Perspective. I'm excited to hear what the male speaker has to say. I hope to learn new things!

  Till next time, Keep Stitchin'.