Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eye Candy

   I've been awfully remiss in keeping up with my blog. It was a hectic summer and back to school for me. I'll try to make it up by sharing lots of eye candy. Here it goes...

  I added several Civil War quilts to my collection this summer. Thiis is a lovely Princess Feather top.

 I fell in love with this Baskets top. It may date closer to 1870's, a little after the Civil War.
The swag border sold me on this one.
 Another view of the Princess Feather. It is a large quilt.

  I gave a trunk show entitled, "My Quilts: from the Beginning" at Rochester, Minnesota in early August. The first quilt shown is Grandmother's Garden of Stars, I hand-pieced and hand-quilted for Randy starting when we were engaged in February,1980, and finished while I was expecting Isaah, in March,1983.
 A better view of the audience and my Emeline's Garden Baskets being displayed. Some of my antique Civil War quilts are displayed on the railing in front.
I tackled a lot of projects this summer. My first was an indoor project. I put up shelving over my washer and dryer to display part of my antique children's watering can collection. It makes me very happy to do laundry and enjoy my treasures.

 I made another doll quilt featuring the last of my 9-patch squared leftover blocks. It's about 20" x 20" with a toile backing of course.

    I pieced 3 queen-size quilt tops this summer. The first was Dante's which is at Kym Ward's being quilted. The second was for his  older brother, Blake. Both were made with Civil War reproduction fabrics. I'll share pictures of them after they are quilted and ready to give to them in May, 2015. This one is my newest, Civil War Generals. I used some of my favorite toiles, panels, and CW repro fabrics. This one is for me and it's pictured the day I basted it before putting it in my large quilt frame for hand-quilting. It will be my winter project. I've been quilting on it all week and I'm about ready to roll it!  
 It's 87" x 94" so I had to move some furniture out of the way to make room to baste the layers on the living room floor.

  I almost forgot...This quilt was brought to show me at the Rochester trunk show. It's an 1830's Mariner's Compass from an antique shop in Tennessee, but probably originally from New England. It was fabulous.

   I attended my first DAR meeting with the James Harlan  Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter. My paperwork has all been submitted and I'm awaiting my confirmation of membership. I've dreamt of joining for years, but didn't know how to go about it. A local member approached me with an invitation to join. I was thrilled. It took about 3 months to acquire all the genealogical material needed to submit with my application. The meeting yesterday was held in the courtroom of the Henry County Courthouse. The first picture is of the stained glass dome in the ceiling of the 3rd floor. 
  This picture is of the center medallion in the tile work of the first floor of the court house. I've always thought it would translate well into a hexagon quilt. Can't you just see it?
  I attended the AQS show in Des Moines, Iowa earlier this month. I'll share pictures of some of the quilts next time. My quilt frame is calling me! I hope you all keep stitching.