Monday, February 16, 2015

A Long Break... Too long!

   I've been incognito for 3 months. Hard to believe, but true. Family issues which started at Thanksgiving when Mom said she was interested in moving into assisted living and would I help ( which took all of December to research, visit, and decide on placement); then she ended the month in the hospital for a week with pneumonia (the very week we were moving her into Sunnybrook!), and lastly, Randy got sick with a terrible upper respitory infection which he naturally shared with me ( I ended up with bronchitis and missed a full week of work.) We both are still left with a cough, but feeling a little better everyday. During the few good days, I quilted and finished "Civil War Generals". Kym Ward finished machine-quilting Dante's and Blake's quilts for me and I picked them up at January Breakfast Club at Inspirations. I have finishing binding all 3 and attached labels, but haven't taken good pictures yet. I'll share them when I do.

  A couple biking friends of Randy's ( I also work with her) became engaged at Christmas with plans of a July wedding. I immediately thought to make them a quilt for a wedding gift. They surprised everybody when they eloped January 24th! They decided at their age, why wait. I hadn't even started the quilt! I downsized the idea to a wall-sized quilt, found an antique bicycle toile to base the pattern on and set to work. I finished it last Thursday, but will wait to give it to them on February 24th, their one month anniversary. Plus, Breakfast Club is this coming Saturday and I want to share it at show n tell along with the other 3 large quilts I recently finished. :) It's been awhile since I had quilts to share.

   This is the Antique Bicycles wedding quilt. It finished at 27" square. The logs are in Civil War repro fabrics of double pinks, poison greens, and blacks. They live in a large Victorian home dating to the 1880's, so the fabrics should go well. Colors are not as dull as the pictures show.

 Back with label...
  I had President's Day off so I spent the day quilting on a small wall quilt for my boss (Media Specialist), Jessica, as a "Thank You" for working double duty the week I was out sick so I didn't have to ask for a sub. I hope to get it done before Saturday too! I'll have to be diligent about quilting everyday after work.

  I hope you had a day off too. Keep stittching!