Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow, No, Make that a Sew Day!

  What a lovely surprise. I got a text at 6 AM saying we had a 2 hour delay. I went back to bed till 7AM and took my shower, got another text...NO SCHOOL! Of course, I'm quilting. What would any self respecting quilter do on a snow day, but quilt? Actually it is an ice day, as in freezing rain. Randy slid all the way down our steep driveway leaving for work. I don't plan on leaving the house all day.

  I thought I should post before getting too involved in quilting. On February 24th, Ann's one month anniversary, I gave her the wedding quilt I told you about in the last post. I walked into her office singing  a Happy Anniversary song in my less than melodic voice and gave her the bag. She was thrilled. I don't think you could fake that smile, do you?

  She said new hubby Rick loved it too and it's to be hung in the guest room. They appreciated the biking theme and said it would always remind them of how they reunited after all these years. May they have a very long and happy life together.

  I had several quilts, besides Ann's, to show at Breakfast Club last month. Nancy has a huge flannel wall on a tripod frame to display large quilts for photographing. It is much easier to take quilt photos there than at home. I can't step back far enough here to get the entire quilt in the picture.

  This is my Civil War Generals quilt. As you can see, I started with the 2 panels of Union and Confederate generals and made it in the medallion style using Civil War toiles and specialty fabrics. Most are out of print now. I should have taken a closeup to show the hand-quilting. I did a lot of 1" crosshatching, 1/4" outlining to feature details, and the border is crosshatched behind a rambling feather motif. To see that, check out an earlier post on November 17th.

  Here are the Generals. It's necessary for my quilt to feature both the North and the South since I have 47 ancestors who fought for the Union and 92 ancestors who fought for the Confederacy. No surprise since the Lillards were heavily concentrated in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia at the time. Eastern Tennessee and Kentucky were divided in their loyalties and my family was no exception. I descend from a Jeremiah Lillard who was a minister that moved his family from Kentucky and settled in Missouri after the war, breaking ties with the South.

  I'm very happy to finally show you the quilt I made for Dante. He graduates in May and I'll present it to him then. Until then,"Shhh! It's a surprise." I call it Appamatox Courthouse Steps. I used tons of scraps from my Civil War toiles and specialty fabrics.  There are glimpses of flags, soldiers, cannons, maps, horses, etc. in every block. I can't wait to see his reaction. Kym Ward of Reds Threads did the machine quilting for me.

This is the quilt I made for his brother, Blake, so he wouldn't feel left out. He will receive it when he graduates from college in another year. 

   It's made in the Crazy quilt style, but each block is built around a featured Civil War fabric piece. So, maybe a not so crazy, crazy quilt. It's also machine quilted by Kym Ward. I call it Civil War Crazy. Unlike Dante, Blake never asked me to make him a quilt, so I really hope he enjoys receiving it.

  Ok, now I'm heading for my studio to lose myself for hours and hours. Randy has a meeting tonight after work, so I don't even have to cook supper!

 Keep stitching!