Thursday, May 9, 2019

Life after a Flood: It's Not All bad!

   Between 5 and 7 PM on February 27th, a small cold water valve under our master bathroom sink gave way. I was gone but had been in there prior to leaving at 5 PM, so I know it was confined to a 2 hour period. Believe me, 2 hours is ENOUGH! My studio is directly below our master suite, so you can imagine where all the water went, the studio and Randy's mancave next to it. I won't bore you with all the details, but it was a $30,000 loss. We have good replacement cost insurance, so after 2 full months, we are recovered.

   Two days into trying to wash and save my affected fabrics, my washing machine died, It was only a year old and under warranty, but it took 2 weeks to get the necessary electronic part. Hello laundromat, my old enemy.

   Two weeks into the cleanup/rebuild, I got the flu (and, yes, I had the shot.) This flu evidently wasn't the one expected to hit this year. I was very sick for 1 week and left with a bad cough for 3 more.  I found out that the cleanup company we hired had that flu running through all their employees while they worked here! The second week I was sick, my mother-in-law passed away. I couldn't attend the family get togethers till the day of the funeral.

  No pity party here. Like I said, good insurance, we survived and our house is better than ever.

  Good news now! My book, "Quilts of Love and Valor" is available now. It will be shown at Spring Market in Kansas City next week. Yea! I can't be there as my son, Isaah, is scheduled for cornea transplant surgery. My place is with him during that time.

  I'll share some pages from my book...

This is Marching with Sherman. It is also the cover quilt on the book.

Emeline's Garden Baskets.

Cakes for Soldiers.

Love Letters.

Baby Kitty's Quilt.

Union Encampment.

Bear Tracks.

Jacob's Cot Quilt.

25th Iowa.
Hardtack and Coffee.

Ritner Family Album.

   In the book, you'll learn about the Ritner family and the struggles they endured during the Civil War. You will see excerpts from the letters written during the war between Captain Jacob and his wife, Emeline Ritner, that inspired me to create each quilt.

   If you love history or even just reading old letters and diaries, you will enjoy reading Quilts of Love and Valor. The Ritners were a well known and respected family here in Mt. pleasant, Iowa. This is believed to be the only complete set of letters from both parties still in existence today. Look for my book at your local quilt shop. If they don't have it, ask them to order it. I hope you enjoy reading it and hopefully make one or more of these quilts for yourself.

Keep Stitchin',

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What a Year 2018 Was!

   Well, it turns out that 2018 was a "Quilty New Year!" It just wasn't a blogging year for me. My bad, and many apologies for that. :-{ Writing my first book was a lot of work and very time consuming. I had to write and rewrite as I tried to learn the format that Martingale required.

   I'm happy to tell you my book, "Quilts of Love and Valor" is done and ready to print. It is beautiful, thanks to the talented editors, staff, and photographers at Martingale Publishing. It will be introduced at Spring Market in Kansas City, May16-19, 2019. I will be there to autograph copies and promote my book anyway they ask me to. I am thrilled to go to market. I've never been and have dreamed of going for a number of years. I hope to see a lot of my blog and Instagram followers there. If you go, please look for me and my book. I'd love to meet you in person.

   I've also been busy making quilts this past year for family and for new patterns. I finished one quilt top on Christmas Eve, which was the deadline I'd set for myself. It will be the first quilt on my quilt frame for 2019. I've been drafting some new designs  for a possible 2nd book, if I'm fortunate enough to be asked.

   I will try to post more this year. I've really become addicted to Instagram, simply because it is so easy and fast to post pictures right from my phone. If you are on Instagram, look for me at The Civil War Quilter. I post there a lot more often.

   My quilt book with eleven patterns and story is based on this book pictured below. If you haven't read it, I urge you to get it. Charles F. Larimer is the Great Great Grandson of Captain Jacob Ritner. It is the complete collection of letters written during the Civil War between Jacob and his wife Emeline, with a few from other family members as well. Charles gave me permission to create a collection of quilts based on those letters and put the patterns and story in my book.

    This is the cover of my book. Remember to look for it available after May 15th. If your local quilt shop doesn't have it, ask them to get it from Martingale Publishers.

  Happy New Year to you all! Thank you to those who have checked in all 2018 and wondered where I've been. I'm still here writing, designing, and quilting up a storm. I hope you all... Keep stitching!